Reviving nomadbase

I'm chatting with Gary St now. Good times. We're discussing ways to revive this website. He's hopefully going to edit this blog post to refine and add stuff.

Nomadbase documentary

Drupal 7 and cleanup

There was a Facebook messaging thread about this website and I got off my ass and did stuff.


Nomadwiki is the new wiki we started to fill the gap between hitchwiki+trashwiki and wikivoyage.

ideas/ thoughts on CommonGround Collective?

Hey all. I'm trying to start a somewhat related idea called the CommonGround Collective and I would really appreciate your thoughts/support.

Semi-nomad base in North of Italy need support for continue to live and become nomad base

Since 2009, in Casale Monferrato, north west of Italy, 35.000 inhabitants, exist a very active almost-nomad base. It started from an idea of some local nomads and since 3 years, hosted almost 300 between volunteers and travellers.


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