Our Vision: What is a Nomadbase

A nomadbase is a place that functions as a returning home for perpetual travelers. Each nomadbase has its own culture and characteristics but a home is always a home. This means freedom and hence responsibilities to help maintaining the place. In other words, you do not burn down the place, instead you help building it, maintaining it or even extending it.

The nomadbases that we have seen so far attract a particular type of traveler. We used to call these travelers modern hobos, tramps, backpacking, or modern/ neo/ nomads. Lots of these travelers live with little money or no money at all. The idea of is to support this type of traveling. Nomadbases attract people living off the gift economy, such as hitchikers and dumpster divers. People who believe in a better world (more sustainable, free, equal and just) and who try to live, as much as they can, according to their ideals.

This now is also part of a wider movement that strives for world free of money. Such a world would be based on a real gift economy where all the participants would be free caretakers of the world, while freely sharing the world's resources and our own fruits or labour. By not using money, or at least limiting its use, we at the same time limit money's power over us, while trying to replace this technology by new exchange networks that enhance the gift economy.

Our Mission: Free everything

Free transport (hitchhiking, cycling, walking), free food (dumpster diving, foodsharing) and free places to stay such as nomadbases are all part of our ideal for a world free of money. A world that is completely based on a free exchange of gifts and the joint/ free coordination of the production of stuff and services that we would need to have a decent/ high-quality livelihood.

Our efforts in this world are very much based towards that goal. We are not some network or group of "neo digital nomad" that go to expensive conferences or make money on our computers while traveling the world (though some of us do) and stay at the cheapest places. Instead if we organise conferences, we try to organise them outside of the money system as much as possible. In addition if we travel we travel in order to make the world a better a better place, not to consume it. And if we stay somewhere, it is in order to exchange ideas and practices that can help the world become a better place.

Vision: How

A free world can only be brought about by living a free live. The way you do stuff is inherently changing the world into that same direction as you do your stuff and organise your life. We generate wealth by free living, by adding real value. While this remains the long term goal of the initiative, we absolutely have no illusion that this will come about in our lifetime (unless we become immortal).

Hence, building up a gift economy only goes by one gift at a time. While extending the network of gifting, by building up its infrastructure and by slowly spreading this idea, we ask anyone interested in these ideas to

  • join Trustroots
  • help grow Trustroots, especially if you're a hacker like these,
  • with enough trust features it'll be easy to set up sustainable nomad bases (bonus: sustainable hospitality), more convenient free travel and otherwise unlock currently untapped resources.


Just like the concept of hospitality was known in Homer's era, the concept of nomadbases must have been around for a long time as well. Maybe some historians can shed some light on this?

The idea of nomadbase started off with Casa Robino towards the end of 2008. Casa Robino was a hub for traveler-nomads looking for a returning home. You would stay at least for a week either to take a break from your travels and re-energize, or to stay and build the place. Once in the house, you would start hosting all the others. Casa Robino lasted for 4 years.

After the conference that we organized in Berlin in 2009 together with networks such as SkillSurfers, other nomadbases also popped up. E.g. In Israƫl, Italy, Romania, Germany as well as other countries, places started calling themselves Nomadbases. A new idea grew into reality!

Unfortunately we were unable to keep up the momentum and when some places stopped functioning as a nomadbase, the infrastructure slowly evaporated. However, the idea still very much exists. Moreover, there are still places that are very much alike such as the original nomadbases. Places rooted in the gift economy. All that needs to be done is connecting the places and organising some infrastructure to keep on expanding the network.

For more information on the history of nomadbases we'd recommend this page on Nomadwiki.

other current places & existing websites.

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