IBRR Waystation Knoxville

Our system of Waystations (we have many throughout the United States, Canada and Central America) are comparable to your Bases. The International Brotherhood of Rail Riders (IBRR) is predominately a hobo organization; however, we do host other travellers.

Our blog is ibrr.org and our forum, which details most of our resources is http://ibrr.org/forum/index.php. Both sites will give a fundamental understanding of who we are.

We host an information clearinghouse for not only our area, but the nation as a whole. We have our own clothing closet, food bank, Satellite Internet, Fax, CB Base Station (for hitchers), HAM set up, private sleeping quarters, laundry, showers and a repair set up for both travel gear and telecom equipment.

We also host AT'ers and are a clearinghouse for rail riders, hitchers, and gold prospectors (GPAA). We maintain nationwide route info for travellers of all modes and also maintain DIY info for squatters and perma-campers.

We have access to employment (both off and on the record), sign running areas and panhandling.

We are the Southeast Command Headquarters for the International Brotherhood of Rail Riders.

Limitations: No minors, drainbows, assholes, etc. Don't even waste our time if you don't understand these terms!

Contact us AT LEAST 24 hours in advance!