Seeds for organic growth, she continues

It is inspiring to see how "we" grow. More people have been coming today, and we somehow managed to get a very good idea of where we are going. Many discussions take place, much brainstorming and other sorts of activity: People editing the wiki from remote, meetings take place at the same time, new invitations are written, and wonderful food is made twice a day.

We still have quite some different ideas of what a nomadbase would be like, and what a nomad is. Are you a nomad? Am I a nomad? Maybe... The last couple of days the focus has been on creating a more inclusive approach towards nomadism and the concept of 'nomadbases'.

Things that happened since the last updates: today we had a beautifully enriching experience thanks to open space specialists Michael and Mia. They guided us to better understand what we want to accomplish during the weekend, and especially how we can make that happen.

Tuesday night we had a learningful Project Volunteering presentation. We had an hour discussion after the presentation which mainly focused on money-issues and the general concept of 'volunteering' that they developed. If you volunteer to live here, and love it, why don't some people put their money where their mouth is?

This presentation was followed the day after with a brainstorm about traveling school of life. What are the forms of "free education networks" that we can promote, and how? We made a mindmap of this which will be shared soon.

For Tomorrow/ Thursday we had planned an excursion day but instead of that we planned to hang around in the T-house during the day/ evening. Ad-hoc meetings will take place according to what people want to do, including at least: trust-models we can use, writing letters, building a new lightfoot website and designing the open space format for Friday. And maybe we will even finally have the session on "open and free everything" that got postponed twice times already.