In the Sea of the thing...

We are in the Sea of the thing...

It's odd really, watching all this happen: the madmen float alongside each other, the brilliant minds and their raging motivation, the bohemian squalors and their dogs, the great writers of pages that bring us together and the youthful inspiration that has created it all, and upholds it - how else can I describe such a thing?

I am inspired by what is happening here. The madness of it, the brilliance of it and the beauty of the thing. I too share with all these people the will to share, the will to create and the will to exist. I too share that motivation, that excellence, that vision and that empowerment. I too share the excitement, the endurance and the energy. We are among each other here, well-versed and building together. Is there something as pure as this? I'll defy the man who tells me otherwise.

Life at the tea house this week has been all this to me and more. I am reminded why this community we are speaking of shall surely exist one day, simply by the renewal of my belief in these people. We are a mad bunch; surely, but we are a good bunch, a healthy bunch, a bunch that understands the subtle ways of community and of participation, of sharing and of caring. Could I be more comfortable among these men and women? We are the conscious collective debating this in itself: The Collective Spirit. And how do I describe this? I feel it now more then ever before; the amassment of such people here for this time has driven this emotion and this sensibility through and through; the pervasiveness of it here is as thick as the smoke, and I myself am fulfilled by it.

Again, I feel inspired. I have met so many great and strong people over the last few days, and again today, and surely again tomorrow; it is these people that uphold my belief, my inspiration. Of the many brilliant minds a few I want to speak about. Alex, from San Francisco... In only a few days I have developed such a care for this man who has, in fact, become a great teacher to me. I enjoy just listening to Alex speak and speak and speak and I, like the sponge that I am, absorb the gathered knowledge and wisdom that rolls of his well-worded tongue. We talk about communication, business models, feudal attitudes, despotism and quality of life standards; he tells me off when it's appropriate and sparks such grand reflection upon myself! Feedback is a gift that it is often too hot to hold, (but) when you learn to endure it, you grow like Spring, and in these few days I have felt myself grow exponentially to the time I've spent with Alex (among others).

Marc, my Drupal guru. Marc took me through a couple hour session of Drupal and whipped my mind into two things: one, disbelief, and two, Inspiration. He has planted a seed that I didn't know could exist. It is when man sees something done with his own eyes that he believes he can do it, and likewise, I can now take on Drupal and I shall.

Robino, who, of course, I've met already. We're getting along well again, rather very well, Robin and I share something which I can't readily describe, some quality, an understanding and a trust that doesn't need to be explained; I admire the guy, we get along and work along and are sitting here alone after a long day along. (This is all odd enough to say since we didn't take to each other see well the first time...). haha, and since he's sitting beside me waiting to post this I'll write some original like : he's drunk.

Elf, Wrenaqua, anick marie, stefan and so many more... Everyone is bringing such strength to what is here and every day this conference becomes more and more. I am excited for the weekend, and for the rest of all this.

I feel in the midst of something, in the Sea of the thing, and I can't describe it in any other way. It's exciting, empowering, and it has brought me inspiration in the heaps.

Motivation is fueled by the inspiration, and it is a gift to have so much of it around.

See ya tomorrow everyone...