Robino reports Berlin unconference meanwhile SHE is in NY

On Sunday, 6th of December, SHE is at Ganas, in Staten Island, NY.

To open the un-conference, a group of friends decides to connect with Robino, who is in Brussels, to see how did he find HER in Berlin.

Following the report of the call.

3:00pm – Skype Conference Call with Robin, in Brussels

-Robin: Berlin SHE conference recap – goal is to plant seeds for nomadic hospitality -There at least 40-50 people involved, staying in a place called Tea House – sot of a potential model for nomad base – business selling tea and food in front, sleeping space in back

-Question by Dan: further recap of Berlin conference? Robin: -Aim of creating infrastructure for a new culture, gathering ideas, brainstorming outloud -Working definitions are not finalized, but in-progress drafts/notes have been put online -They have a list of 10 existing places that can be considered as nomad bases (“identities”) -- but are currently working to create a concept/identification model of what a Nomad base is and is not

-Question by Sarah: Have you discussed outwards community involvement as pertains to Nomad Bases? Robin: -Example of a space in Milan that asks travelers to stay a minimum of one week and get involved with projects -Example of space in Tallin, Estonia – that organizes a community centre – travelers coming in can decide in which way they want to integrate with existing activities

-Question by James: Can you elaborate on what you meant by 'new culture'? Robin: -Culture of sharing, exchange, thinking of others before self -”The race is over. There is no race.” -This culture is contrary to the type we grow up with in Western societies, but is the one that works best - promoting a idea of a “sharing culture” - citizens’ rights and responses when you come in. Share what you want; take what you need - societal, economic, and spiritual change. How to enable change in oneself? How to break your culture; give before take (instead of using your elbows). A lot of social and economic models have been in place. Good balance of group and individual.

-Question by Anton: What is the decision-making process? How will you decide which model to apply? Robin: -It's a very difficult question, and they are still working on figuring out the best way -If anyone is interested in getting involved, get involved through the Nomad Base website -Trying to avoid the mistakes that other hospitality networks have made - Through wiki and forum.

-Question by Valentina: How do we define who is a nomad and who is not? How do we build a system of trust when deciding who can enter this network, in a non-judgmental way? Robin: -3 Models, none of which are satisfactory yet:
-One option is to have network completely closed – only people can join through personal connections and being vouched for by others on the network -Option 2 it is to be completely open, anyone can join -Option 3 is hybrid model -Weren't able to come up with satisfactory answer in Berlin -Considering that a new member has to be personally vouched into the network -Don't want to do references on the website - Safety and security issues w/ an open network

Question by Sarah: Do you have any questions for us? Robin: With all the overlap with other existing networks (WWOOF, CS, etc.), do you understand how the network we are trying to build is distinct from what is already out there? Daryl: Believes that we are trying to create a network with more sustainability in terms of relationships created through the website

Question by Sarah: What are you working on right now after the Berlin gathering closed? What's a short term plan and general direction and goals? Robin: -We've been taking a break since Berlin -Next steps. There are 3 working groups in different locations. -Need to filter the information coming out of Berlin and New York and organize them into workable formats -Need to work more on the website, and focus more on working definitions that can be agreed on for the next meeteing -Going to plan 2 weekly meetings via IRC

This report and the rest of the minutes of the 2 days at []. Enjoy!