Neo-nomadism, broader society and sustanaibility: drawing new scenarios

On Sunday, 6th of December, SHE is at Ganas, in Staten Island, NY.

People gather in one open space to speak about how nomadism could contribute to broader society and how it could connect to respect for the environment.

Following the minutes of the un-conference

4.00 pm: Open Space A

How does a culture of nomadism contribute to broader society?

  • Daryl: It breaks down barriers that communities establish and the sense of Western individualism for a culture of sharism.

  • James: Nomad movement could be considered part of socialism.

  • Matt: Nomadism can spread through word of mouth; person to person; electronic capabilities.

  • Daryl: Establish the interconnectedness betw. ppl. places, etc... Nomads facilitate a growing, living organism that is the planet. He tells the experience of feeling life in loving trees. Nomadism helps sharing information.

How can nomadism keep places sustainable?

  • James: Nomads are ambassador to people of other nations, places, etc… Can spread philosophy: Culture of sharing; value added; making the world better

  • Daryl: Communities more interconnected; be autonomous and work w/ other communities.

  • Daryl and James: Nomads offer services; hosts teach skills; sharing info, etc… Carrying seeds of info: web of relationships and info.

  • Matt: Concern w/ skill-learning and easily accessible services: creation of tools when not needed; dumpster diving when not needed or exploited by other groups w/ diff. values that those of nomads. Most nomads are greatly concerned about preserving the environment. Therefore, there is strong correlation between nomadism and environmentalism.

-Someone:An existing model is a “Smile networks”, an inclusive network whose rule is to always smile no matter what shit that happens.

  • Criteria for network Matt wants to establish: Responsible dissemination of information; Impt. to learn own skills before being reliant on nomad bases for everything; Lessons- simple, hard lessons ie how to respect someone else’ space, are impt. to have before using info; Nomad network- members must show dedication so tools responsible; Initiation system to make sure nomads would use info with discretion or appreciate tools; Being able to provide for safety- something Couchsurfing and other sites haven’t been fully able to do; If the network is open it would re-create what other sites have already done.

-Darryl’s experience in San Marcos, a New Age attraction in South America, is that Westerners are taking advantage of indigenous. Could nomadism create an opportunity for change? Nomads should ground into local communities without exploiting (people, places) meanwhile traveling.

-Matt: Nomads’ skills that they can share :Carpentry; cooking; intelligence that stems from not having a home base; ability to adapt to a place or “read” a place.