Making a nomad base function sustainably

Making a nomad base function sustainably seems to involve several things.

The people that come - through various networks, mostly nomads arrive, but sometimes "mainstream" people find us, people who don't immediately fit in. The cool thing is that once they arrive, they either don't cut it and leave, in a natural way, or they learn. They grow, they participate, they become nomads. At least in philosophy.

Necessary for this is long-term "hosts." These are the people that already know how the nomad base operates, and continuously provide an example for new arrivals. A sustainable cycle is then set in place.

But how does it operate? Through a collective mindset of sharing, an endlessly repeated return to love, always coming back to basic things, like hugs. (The fact that people are always coming and going actually aids this.) It's consensus, it's fucking anarchy. There I said it. I've said it before, and it's nearly true, except for that whole paying bills thing(big issue). Avoiding hierarchies is very important for a sustainable welcoming environment. We're all equal so let's act like it. So Robin pays the rent, this is a big problem: he is automatically set apart from the collective. I'd also like to point out, perhaps you all have already spoken about this(perhaps at length), that any substantial degree of high technology also creates a hierarcy of scientific elite. OK so the hackers don't consider themselves scientists, but they are set apart from the collective by what they do. Only a limited number of folks understand it. Even operating the nomad base website is difficult for me, and I'm a nomad too. Most people that can operate a bicycle, including me, are also able to send a couchsurfing request or check a blog, but when it gets more hightech than that, people start to be excluded.

Perhaps I am not educated enough on anarchy to speak intelligently on this subject, but I often feel bewildered by websites, last-fm players, computer programs, even telephones. I would've written this on the nomadbase website, but it overpowered me. So I guess I just want to say, keep it low tech for us neanderthals please! I accept the world wide inter-web as an unparalleled method of networking, and I believe it is (almost 100%) necessary for the success of nomad bases worldwide. But we have to stay aware of what all this coding and HTML and Drupal and all that other craziness is actually doing for us.