Locations: tea house in Berlin

Chill-out, relax, do some work, order some tea or a beer, and everyday at 20.00 dinner. The tea-house is a great place to be. The front space has two different rooms with a bar, chairs, tables, books, board games and some diy-made benches with mattresses. A she infotable is at the entry with a calendar, some booklets and pens and paper.

Only downpart is that it sometimes can get crowdy with all sorts of folks who regularly come here or who come for the first time. Also, if you don't like smoke, you will not like this space...

At the back there is an extra room, which we try to keep smokefree. And we regularly throw open the door to let some fresh air come in.

The kitchen is great. You can sign up to make lunch or dinner. Most food is from the dumpsters and many people go on daily diving hunts.

Prices are generally low. Suggested donation for food is 2 euro. And the quality is what we make from it.