what has been going on at She Berlin so far

The Teahouse seems to be the main meeting point. There is a meeting center, with a calendar on the wall and other information. We also have a booklet where you can write down your main intentions, questions etc. We also plan to make a questionary here on nomadbase.org so we can easier gather the information.

The main influx of people still have to come but there is a crowd of 20 around people already who take part in she-related social events such as the brunch today with fantastic vegan cakes.

The meetings so far have a very ad-hoc feeling. Whenever people are meeting, they talk or do things.

Other stuff that has been happening: Julien started some wikipages about a nomadbase network:

Blogging from the SHE conference

It would be great if people would blog about their SHE experiences on http://www.nomadbase.org/blog. Then those who are coming later or cant make it can follow along and join the discussion.

nomadbase conference

We are organising a conference in Berlin where we will be discussing nomadic culture and possibilities to set up a better ecosystem to sustain nomadism in Europe and beyond, for example by nomadbases.

It takes place in Berlin, from the 20th to the 30th of November (or even longer if that is how it goes) . You can find more info at http://sharewiki.org/en/she

SHE_is_NYC : Sustainable Hospitality Exchange is Now Your Call

Valentina has been caught by intentional living syndrome after experiencing Casa Robino in Amsterdam in 2009. Before that, symptoms have appeared in consequence of participating into theatrical collectives in Italy (2000-2002) and students coops in Portugal (2003).

Those symptoms cause: - excess of euphoria during weekly dumpster diving sessions -obsessive interest for strategy of building consensus through non-hierarchical decision-making process -intense philosophical effort in elaborating nomad bases models starting with the analysis of their structure - addiction to visit other intentional houses -spasmodic love for hitchhiking (but not by myself yet) - contemplative interest for sustainability, urban gardening and community sustaining agriculture

IBRR Waystation Knoxville

Our system of Waystations (we have many throughout the United States, Canada and Central America) are comparable to your Bases. The International Brotherhood of Rail Riders (IBRR) is predominately a hobo organization; however, we do host other travellers.

#nomadbase on freenode

There is now an IRC channel on the freenode network, #nomadbase for discussion related to this project. You can also access it by using the web chat interface.

International Brotherhood of Rail Riders (IBRR)

I am a semi-retired hobo here in the States working to network hobos globally. I was referred to this site by an individual at Casa Robino via the Net. I run a set of Waystations which I believe are comparable to your 'Bases'. I hope to contribute to this project in the near future.

If you are planning on travelling in the States please contact me and I will do what I can to make sure you have real time access to the Yard Info and Waystations.

Welcome Casper, and new developments

Casper was interested in helping out with the Hitchwiki forum a while ago.  So we had some online conversations.  Nothing much came out of that, until last week, when I noticed his "Jerusalem" status on gtalk. I directly invited him to stay at the temporary cat sitting apartment that we're living in until tomorrow.  It was nice meeting him, we visited Ramallah together and had interesting discussions.  He has both CSS and design skills, he would like to get to know Drupal better and is happy to use these skills to improve this project.  Together we worked on some improvements.  Yesterday he left for a Palestinian village to teach English. And right now I'm writing this in a nice WYSIWYG interface, which I just set up. Next is tweaking the data structures for nomads and bases. Kasper


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