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Anyone who lives nomadically and has a passion for writing might find this interesting.

How flexible is nomadbase ideologically?

Recently I spoke with a person who wondered if the Nomadbase project would ultimately be too tied to the values of Casa Robino to appeal much to creators of other nomadic spaces. I thought this concern was worth a forum post.

Will a focus on environmental concerns be a requirement to offer one's space? I enjoy making my own home into a base for nomadic travelers, but I honestly don't share the kind of "change the world" and "sustainability" outlook of Casa Robino. Vegetarianism, for example, is a choice I support mainly because it saves everyone money, not because of any ethical or environmental principles. Ditto for dumpster diving.

Neo-nomadism, broader society and sustanaibility: drawing new scenarios

On Sunday, 6th of December, SHE is at Ganas, in Staten Island, NY.

People gather in one open space to speak about how nomadism could contribute to broader society and how it could connect to respect for the environment.

Following the minutes of the un-conference

4.00 pm: Open Space A

How does a culture of nomadism contribute to broader society?

  • Daryl: It breaks down barriers that communities establish and the sense of Western individualism for a culture of sharism.

  • James: Nomad movement could be considered part of socialism.

  • Matt: Nomadism can spread through word of mouth; person to person; electronic capabilities.

Robino reports Berlin unconference meanwhile SHE is in NY

On Sunday, 6th of December, SHE is at Ganas, in Staten Island, NY.

To open the un-conference, a group of friends decides to connect with Robino, who is in Brussels, to see how did he find HER in Berlin.

Following the report of the call.

3:00pm – Skype Conference Call with Robin, in Brussels

-Robin: Berlin SHE conference recap – goal is to plant seeds for nomadic hospitality -There at least 40-50 people involved, staying in a place called Tea House – sot of a potential model for nomad base – business selling tea and food in front, sleeping space in back

-Question by Dan: further recap of Berlin conference? Robin: -Aim of creating infrastructure for a new culture, gathering ideas, brainstorming outloud

SHE is in New York: Friday and Saturday minutes of the conference

Hey, here some drafts/minutes of the SHE is in NY for Saturday and Friday. You can also find them at


Nomad Links is aimed at a higher-budget non-sustainable crowd, but it has some fantastic links. Some of my favorites:

S.H.E. is in NY

As a follow up of the Berlin unconference, a group of burning man and woman, people living in intentional communities, nomads, radical hosts, train-hoppers, hit-hikers and facilitators are meeting in NY to discuss abot nomad bases and su

Nomad Hostel?

Just as farms, jam- or soap-manufacturers, tea houses, or bike shops can be turned into nomad bases, a hostel seems like a fantastic choice. Framework

We are very much in progress making a website that can work for everyone. If you have suggestions of whatever type related to the website, please share in this forum topic.

No air - smoking or not smoking in nomad bases

Last night Erga and I went to the Gypsy Swing. We couldn't find it at first, when we finally got there I asked if there was smoking in the big hall. The guy said no. We went in after paying a "donation".

What is a nomad

Trust Networks Meeting Notes

Trust networks meeting notes

Tags -Tags can be both ways, from yourself and from others. Tags can be anonymous, which defers the personal connotations of leaving a negative tag and the assumed resonsibility. With the tags, the relationships, and the other features... isn t this enough? In the future, if problems arise, can we deal and add security then? Or deal with it now? Further, the issue with negative experiences, how can we note these and make them known, transparent as well as accesable to all quickly, clearly, and consisely.

Dealing with negative members.

Making a nomad base function sustainably

Making a nomad base function sustainably seems to involve several things.


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