the sort of base I'd like to help establish

I'm not in a position to offer people a base at the moment, but if I ever am the kind of base I would like to offer is described at .

So, I'd like to invite feedback on what I wrote there. To be honest - although I will read criticism also - I'm not likely to change my stance on many of those issues. I'm not here to convince or persuade people; I'm primarily interested in carrying out dialogue with people who already do agree with me (at least broadly) - with a view to figuring out how we might accomplish this in the long run.

I'd like to provide the same sort of clarity as Krotov does when he writes about his bases - even though I disagree very strongly with his views on many issues.

For people who don't have time to read what I wrote on, I might just add that what I am aiming for would be very liberal in some respects. Although I would encourage a very high standard of behaviour, I don't think that presenting people with a list of four-dozen rules and requirements is the best way to accomplish this. We should evaluate each circumstance as it arises.