How flexible is nomadbase ideologically?

Recently I spoke with a person who wondered if the Nomadbase project would ultimately be too tied to the values of Casa Robino to appeal much to creators of other nomadic spaces. I thought this concern was worth a forum post.

Will a focus on environmental concerns be a requirement to offer one's space? I enjoy making my own home into a base for nomadic travelers, but I honestly don't share the kind of "change the world" and "sustainability" outlook of Casa Robino. Vegetarianism, for example, is a choice I support mainly because it saves everyone money, not because of any ethical or environmental principles. Ditto for dumpster diving.

I've always appreciated certain Russian nomadic bases for focusing on one very realistic goal: seeing the world for free and helping others to do so. While I admire the communications skills and use of new technology of the folks here, I cannot adopt the social activism part at all, and any base I created myself would be based more on the Free Travel model. Would I and (assuming they ever cared to) the other such hosts be welcome here?