Lunch at the Tea House Daily 1pm

There is a lunch Voku every day at the Tea House for the duration of the conference. 1 pm is the subscribed hour; however, it can be flexible and there is often food left for those who come later. Suggested donation is 1 Euro, for Tea house economy sustainability. Likewise, coffee and tea run of donation structures. The goal is not to profit, rather to not undermine the economy of the tea house, which, in fact, is contrary to what is happening in the latest trend simply by having our presence around.

Vegan or Veg, and help is welcome. 12 pm or so.

105 Rigaer Str.

Lunch at the Tea House Daily 1pm

SHE conference lunch every day at 1 pm.

Soup Kitchen, or whatever... Vegetarian or Vegan. We're doing a suggested donation of 1 Euro, which has been sufficient for Tea House sustainability. Tea and Coffee is running on donation principles as well. Come cook! 12 pm, or so...

Life at the Tea house...

For those who haven't been spending their afternoons at the tea House I thought I'd give a little story about what is happening and what has been happening...

the daily life at the Tea House:

Lunch every day at 1 pm while the conference is on. This usually means 1:30, but we aspire all the same. Likewise, we're opening at 10 am, and I get up and open the place, but that was 11 today, so...

I'm staying here for the duration of the conference, so is Stefan and Alex. We share the room in the back and it's good; the home feeling that the Tea House encourages is realised by our existence here.

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