Weekend Conference Opening Lunch

To open the 3-day weekend Open Space session we are having an opening lunch at 1 pm, as usual, at the Tea House. We'll start setting up the space at 10 am if volunteers are available. Following the lunch will be the opening session for the weekend. On donation basis.

Planting Seeds for Nomadic Hospitality and Cooperation: Opening the SHE Weekend Conference!

Nomads and friends from all over the world are gathering to share experiences and address important issues that affect us. Explore different models for living and traveling together, create new knowledge, network and document practices experiences for everyone's benefit.

Additional specifics can be found @ http://sharewiki.org/en/she

Open Space

Take advantage of the Open Space setup for the weekend to create space for addressing your questions with the aid of fellow nomads. Open Space allows us to have a flexible schedule over the weekend and to fall back on a loose structure for organizing the conference proceedings. At the beginning of the gathering the participants themselves decide what will be worked on.

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