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Lunch at the Tea House Daily 1pm

SHE conference lunch every day at 1 pm.

Soup Kitchen, or whatever... Vegetarian or Vegan. We're doing a suggested donation of 1 Euro, which has been sufficient for Tea House sustainability. Tea and Coffee is running on donation principles as well. Come cook! 12 pm, or so...

Life at the Tea house...

For those who haven't been spending their afternoons at the tea House I thought I'd give a little story about what is happening and what has been happening...

the daily life at the Tea House:

Lunch every day at 1 pm while the conference is on. This usually means 1:30, but we aspire all the same. Likewise, we're opening at 10 am, and I get up and open the place, but that was 11 today, so...

I'm staying here for the duration of the conference, so is Stefan and Alex. We share the room in the back and it's good; the home feeling that the Tea House encourages is realised by our existence here.

Brainstorming away... Nomadbase structures

To understand what a nomadbase could be, we tried today to make an inclusive list of all sorts of places that potentially could be labelled as such. The list was directly added on the wiki [see list].

After listing all possible models of nomadic co-living, the discussion naturally went to other aspects of a nomadbase network, such as trust-metrics. Who decides who is a nomad, or what is a nomadbase? Will we work with a vouching system, or is it open for all?

Different models were discussed of how a nomadbase network could look like. Would it be a closed network of several houses where our 'approved' nomads can live? Would it be an open network open for anyone to join? Or something in between?

Lightfoot to sweep Berlin

Lightfoot is about writing letters. It is fun, and it connects people. Today 6 came together at s.h.e Berlin to discuss lightfoot possiblities. The brainstorming was very effective and empowering. Uplifting.

So we want Lightfoot all over the world. But how?

Part of the philosophy is sustainability and there are letters that are not to be delivered with airplanes or motor vehicles. But as such it will take us ages to be everywhere worldwide... So we decided to speed up the process a bit and do the following:

  • Everyone writes one letter during this conference
  • We make a nice and shiny mailbox
  • We build a nice website this week
  • People write their delivery story
  • Lightfoot will be spread everywhere

Models of Nomadic Co-Living

A collective brainstorm on mapping different models of different types of nomadbases. The intention is to come up with at least 20 models.

All models go straight into the wiki so others can add and edit stuff.

From collective housing where nomads can live, to single-households, squats, eco-villages and other forms of communities.

Host: Robino Location: Tea-house


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