SHE Berlin

Making a nomad base function sustainably

Making a nomad base function sustainably seems to involve several things.

Market Run, D-Diving, 3:30 - 4:00 today, friday

There will be a market run today for supplies. It's not so far from the tea House and we have a cart. So, who-ever is around and hungry...

3:30 - 4:00 Tea house meet and go from there.

The day after s.h.e

What do want to have accomplished after the weekend is over? That was the question 7 of us were asked in our open space session on Wednesday by two open space specialists. We were given a sheet of paper and each one of us went forward to write down what are the things that we would like to see "shifted"?

lightfoot development

discussion and implementation about a lightfoot website based on drupal. proposed by Jurian. takes place at the t-house.

All day ad-hoc working sessions & chilling in the T-house

Ad-hoc meetings will take place according to what people want to do, including at least: trust-models we can use, writing letters, building a new lightfoot website and designing the open space format for Friday. And maybe we will even finally have the session on "open and free everything" that got postponed twice times already.

Be there, bring initiative, bring a laptop if you can and let "it" flow !


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