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No air - smoking or not smoking in nomad bases

Last night Erga and I went to the Gypsy Swing. We couldn't find it at first, when we finally got there I asked if there was smoking in the big hall. The guy said no. We went in after paying a "donation".

Social Outing: Gypsy Swing

Gypsy balkan swing dance outing, some entry fee probably around 3 Euro.

On the U1

What is a nomad

Trust Networks Meeting Notes

Trust networks meeting notes

Tags -Tags can be both ways, from yourself and from others. Tags can be anonymous, which defers the personal connotations of leaving a negative tag and the assumed resonsibility. With the tags, the relationships, and the other features... isn t this enough? In the future, if problems arise, can we deal and add security then? Or deal with it now? Further, the issue with negative experiences, how can we note these and make them known, transparent as well as accesable to all quickly, clearly, and consisely.

Dealing with negative members.


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