Robino reports Berlin unconference meanwhile SHE is in NY

On Sunday, 6th of December, SHE is at Ganas, in Staten Island, NY.

To open the un-conference, a group of friends decides to connect with Robino, who is in Brussels, to see how did he find HER in Berlin.

Following the report of the call.

3:00pm – Skype Conference Call with Robin, in Brussels

-Robin: Berlin SHE conference recap – goal is to plant seeds for nomadic hospitality -There at least 40-50 people involved, staying in a place called Tea House – sot of a potential model for nomad base – business selling tea and food in front, sleeping space in back

-Question by Dan: further recap of Berlin conference? Robin: -Aim of creating infrastructure for a new culture, gathering ideas, brainstorming outloud

Art of Hosting workshop

Nomadbase] art of hosting/ open space workshop

Robin email: robokow at

On Thursday 19 November 2009 20:10:08 you wrote: > To help us with our set-up for the conference we are having a meeting > with an experienced person within the field of Art of Hosting and Open > Space on either Monday from 10 to 12. Or Wednesday from 13 to 15h.

This event is going on Wednesday at 13h. I am very excited that we are getting this opportunity.

I need to let our hosts ( know with how many we are coming. Please let me know by e-mail or in person.

This workshop is intended to share our ideas with them, and to get tips and tricks on things we can do to improve our hosting skills :)

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