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Trust Networks Meeting Notes

Trust networks meeting notes

Tags -Tags can be both ways, from yourself and from others. Tags can be anonymous, which defers the personal connotations of leaving a negative tag and the assumed resonsibility. With the tags, the relationships, and the other features... isn t this enough? In the future, if problems arise, can we deal and add security then? Or deal with it now? Further, the issue with negative experiences, how can we note these and make them known, transparent as well as accesable to all quickly, clearly, and consisely.

Dealing with negative members.

The day after s.h.e

What do want to have accomplished after the weekend is over? That was the question 7 of us were asked in our open space session on Wednesday by two open space specialists. We were given a sheet of paper and each one of us went forward to write down what are the things that we would like to see "shifted"?

discussion about open space process

to discuss how we want to proceed during the weekend, requirements, needs, desires.

@ the T-house.

Seeds for organic growth, she continues

It is inspiring to see how "we" grow. More people have been coming today, and we somehow managed to get a very good idea of where we are going.

Planting Seeds for Nomadic Hospitality and Cooperation: Opening the SHE Weekend Conference!

Nomads and friends from all over the world are gathering to share experiences and address important issues that affect us. Explore different models for living and traveling together, create new knowledge, network and document practices experiences for everyone's benefit.

Additional specifics can be found @

Open Space

Take advantage of the Open Space setup for the weekend to create space for addressing your questions with the aid of fellow nomads. Open Space allows us to have a flexible schedule over the weekend and to fall back on a loose structure for organizing the conference proceedings. At the beginning of the gathering the participants themselves decide what will be worked on.

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