Nomadwiki is the new wiki we started to fill the gap between hitchwiki+trashwiki and wikivoyage. No expensive hotels or restaurants, but place for wild camping, cheap ass hostels, budget flights and things like that. Another new project worth mentioning is, a website about living without or with less money. Hope you like it.

Meanwhile itself hasn't moved much forward but Nomadwiki could be a good place for progress. If you know any public nomadbases, please start wiki articles about it, the Nomadbase article is a good starting point. And I'm always happy to help, you can contact me in several ways. is okay if you don't know any other way (just make sure to select another category than SPAM).

SHE is in New York: Friday and Saturday minutes of the conference

Hey, here some drafts/minutes of the SHE is in NY for Saturday and Friday. You can also find them at Friday: Expectation from base: Jamie: radically self reliant, radically self expressive, relatively sober, leave no trace. No references, no requirements. Nomad can pay fear amount. no free loader. legally run. division guest/host.

Saturday, 5th Introduction (3pm) -Distinction between Tourist, Traveler, & Nomad -Nomads want to create (art, etc.) -Berlin Conference re-cap: -Nomad base goal, creating places where nomads can find a place to rest, sense of home -What are our expectations and hopes from a nomad base? -Participation & Contribution as essential values

S.H.E. is in NY

As a follow up of the Berlin unconference, a group of burning man and woman, people living in intentional communities, nomads, radical hosts, train-hoppers, hit-hikers and facilitators are meeting in NY to discuss abot nomad bases and sustainable nomadism. Here the program:

Friday, 4th: 19 pm Pre-meeting at Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary (Bergen Street. Walking distance from train station C, B,Q, 2, 3): Park Slope.) Participants of the gathering get to know each other: tea, and dumpster diving.

Saturday, 5th 12.00 pm: meeting Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary (778 Bergen St: map here) Nomads and long term hosts get to

What is a nomad

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