Weekend Conference Opening Lunch

To open the 3-day weekend Open Space session we are having an opening lunch at 1 pm, as usual, at the Tea House. We'll start setting up the space at 10 am if volunteers are available. Following the lunch will be the opening session for the weekend. On donation basis.

Life at the Tea house...

For those who haven't been spending their afternoons at the tea House I thought I'd give a little story about what is happening and what has been happening... the daily life at the Tea House: Lunch every day at 1 pm while the conference is on. This usually means 1:30, but we aspire all the same. Likewise, we're opening at 10 am, and I get up and open the place, but that was 11 today, so... I'm staying here for the duration of the conference, so is Stefan and Alex. We share the room in the back and it's good; the home feeling that the Tea House encourages is realised by our existence here.

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