Making a nomad base function sustainably

Making a nomad base function sustainably seems to involve several things.

lightfoot development

discussion and implementation about a lightfoot website based on drupal. proposed by Jurian. takes place at the t-house.

Lightfoot to sweep Berlin

Lightfoot is about writing letters. It is fun, and it connects people. Today 6 came together at s.h.e Berlin to discuss lightfoot possiblities. The brainstorming was very effective and empowering. Uplifting.

So we want Lightfoot all over the world. But how?

Part of the philosophy is sustainability and there are letters that are not to be delivered with airplanes or motor vehicles. But as such it will take us ages to be everywhere worldwide... So we decided to speed up the process a bit and do the following:

  • Everyone writes one letter during this conference
  • We make a nice and shiny mailbox
  • We build a nice website this week
  • People write their delivery story
  • Lightfoot will be spread everywhere


Lightfoot is about writing letters. See


Lightfoot Discussion

A session about Lightfoot, see

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