Robino reports Berlin unconference meanwhile SHE is in NY

On Sunday, 6th of December, SHE is at Ganas, in Staten Island, NY.

To open the un-conference, a group of friends decides to connect with Robino, who is in Brussels, to see how did he find HER in Berlin.

Following the report of the call.

3:00pm – Skype Conference Call with Robin, in Brussels

-Robin: Berlin SHE conference recap – goal is to plant seeds for nomadic hospitality -There at least 40-50 people involved, staying in a place called Tea House – sot of a potential model for nomad base – business selling tea and food in front, sleeping space in back

-Question by Dan: further recap of Berlin conference? Robin: -Aim of creating infrastructure for a new culture, gathering ideas, brainstorming outloud

nomadbase conference

We are organising a conference in Berlin where we will be discussing nomadic culture and possibilities to set up a better ecosystem to sustain nomadism in Europe and beyond, for example by nomadbases.

It takes place in Berlin, from the 20th to the 30th of November (or even longer if that is how it goes) . You can find more info at

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