Andrae Aciman - displaced writer

Anyone who lives nomadically and has a passion for writing might find this interesting.

Nomad Links is aimed at a higher-budget non-sustainable crowd, but it has some fantastic links. Some of my favorites: - David Byrne (lead singer of The Talking Heads, "Burning Down the House" among other songs) talks about cycling in various cities all over the world. - Tips for living abroad with kids - Dead Goat Polo: National Sport of Kyrgyzstan !!

Nomad Hostel?

Just as farms, jam- or soap-manufacturers, tea houses, or bike shops can be turned into nomad bases, a hostel seems like a fantastic choice. Alex Rollin and I talked about how any of these nomad bases might be set up in such a way that people could: - live and pay - work, live and not pay - work more, live, get paid

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