Essential items in Krotov's nomad bases

(This is the second post in my attempt to represent Anton Krotov's thought to an English-speaking audience by translating his LiveJournal posts.) Krotov often adopts faux-legal style in setting down guidelines for his domy dlja vsex, or "homes for everyone". The following (Russian original here) emphasizes the responsibility of each inhabitant of the house to ensure an uninterrupted food supply. REGULATION ON ESSENTIAL ITEMS In order to prevent famine and other deficiencies in the Houses of the Academy of Free Travel, it is established: to approve the list of essential items and materials, who must be in the AVP House at all times:

Krotov's nomad bases

The Russian hitchhiking guru and travel guide writer Anton Krotov has been implementing short-term nomad bases in various places for some time now. Over the years he has developed a systematic way of planning and maintaining these bases, which he recently announced on his LiveJournal. In order to bring these developments in the Russian-language nomadic community to the wider world, I've translated Krotov's long post. ABOUT THE "HOUSE FOR EVERYONE" PROJECT

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