No air - smoking or not smoking in nomad bases

Last night Erga and I went to the Gypsy Swing. We couldn't find it at first, when we finally got there I asked if there was smoking in the big hall. The guy said no. We went in after paying a "donation". Then of course the space was full of smoke. We went back, asked our donation back and left. Apparently Berlin is still in the stone age. The same goes for the unconference. The only smoke-free space is in the back, without daylight. It is annoying. We spent some time in the smoky front, which is okay when you're drinking some alcohol, you don't really notice. But when we went out and then back in again at the gypsy place we couldn't take it at all.

Making a nomad base function sustainably

Making a nomad base function sustainably seems to involve several things. The people that come - through various networks, mostly nomads arrive, but sometimes "mainstream" people find us, people who don't immediately fit in. The cool thing is that once they arrive, they either don't cut it and leave, in a natural way, or they learn. They grow, they participate, they become nomads. At least in philosophy. Necessary for this is long-term "hosts." These are the people that already know how the nomad base operates, and continuously provide an example for new arrivals. A sustainable cycle is then set in place.

In the Sea of the thing...

We are in the Sea of the thing... It's odd really, watching all this happen: the madmen float alongside each other, the brilliant minds and their raging motivation, the bohemian squalors and their dogs, the great writers of pages that bring us together and the youthful inspiration that has created it all, and upholds it - how else can I describe such a thing?

Seeds for organic growth, she continues

It is inspiring to see how "we" grow. More people have been coming today, and we somehow managed to get a very good idea of where we are going. Many discussions take place, much brainstorming and other sorts of activity: People editing the wiki from remote, meetings take place at the same time, new invitations are written, and wonderful food is made twice a day. We still have quite some different ideas of what a nomadbase would be like, and what a nomad is. Are you a nomad? Am I a nomad? Maybe... The last couple of days the focus has been on creating a more inclusive approach towards nomadism and the concept of 'nomadbases'.

Locations: tea house in Berlin

Chill-out, relax, do some work, order some tea or a beer, and everyday at 20.00 dinner. The tea-house is a great place to be. The front space has two different rooms with a bar, chairs, tables, books, board games and some diy-made benches with mattresses. A she infotable is at the entry with a calendar, some booklets and pens and paper. Only downpart is that it sometimes can get crowdy with all sorts of folks who regularly come here or who come for the first time. Also, if you don't like smoke, you will not like this space... At the back there is an extra room, which we try to keep smokefree. And we regularly throw open the door to let some fresh air come in.

Conversations and Events from Yesterday, Saturday 22 at SHE Berlin

Wow, what an amazing introduction to Berlin. I woke up on a couch in the community floor flat of a community share project in Berlin. I'm not even sure where it was. Hitch hiking on Friday for 10 hours left me in a dizzy state that lasted through my arrival at the community share flat that prohibited me from remembering street names. I do remember that I had my first sight of the fallen WALL on my walk to the location.


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