SHE is in New York: Friday and Saturday minutes of the conference

Hey, here some drafts/minutes of the SHE is in NY for Saturday and Friday. You can also find them at


Nomad Links is aimed at a higher-budget non-sustainable crowd, but it has some fantastic links. Some of my favorites:

S.H.E. is in NY

As a follow up of the Berlin unconference, a group of burning man and woman, people living in intentional communities, nomads, radical hosts, train-hoppers, hit-hikers and facilitators are meeting in NY to discuss abot nomad bases and su

Nomad Hostel?

Just as farms, jam- or soap-manufacturers, tea houses, or bike shops can be turned into nomad bases, a hostel seems like a fantastic choice.

The Transcendental Object at the End of Time.

The following is my vision of what is happening now on earth. I believe that we are in the process of entering the Singularity at this time.

arrg frustrating

i've spend the better part of 15 min trying to figure out how to change my status update, maybe its not called that, its seems status is only concerned with your maritial status.


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