No air - smoking or not smoking in nomad bases

Last night Erga and I went to the Gypsy Swing. We couldn't find it at first, when we finally got there I asked if there was smoking in the big hall. The guy said no. We went in after paying a "donation". Then of course the space was full of smoke. We went back, asked our donation back and left.

Apparently Berlin is still in the stone age. The same goes for the unconference. The only smoke-free space is in the back, without daylight. It is annoying. We spent some time in the smoky front, which is okay when you're drinking some alcohol, you don't really notice. But when we went out and then back in again at the gypsy place we couldn't take it at all.

Fresh air is a basic human right, and if it's not, well, it should be. If a space doesn't have fresh air everyone should be aware of this feat. So it will be good to clearly indicate the position of smoking of a nomadbase. And if there's any inside smoking it will be much less likely to see me there, like at the current unconference, where the only fairly smoke free space is a room in the back without much daylight. I hope Sunday can really be non-smoky in the entire space...