Nomad Hostel?

Just as farms, jam- or soap-manufacturers, tea houses, or bike shops can be turned into nomad bases, a hostel seems like a fantastic choice.

Alex Rollin and I talked about how any of these nomad bases might be set up in such a way that people could: - live and pay - work, live and not pay - work more, live, get paid

In 2007, on my first backpacking (read "tourist") trip around Europe, I had an idea for a hostel that operated the same way. There would be no set cleaning staff. Instead it would rely on people who stayed there for free and wanted to clean some rooms or make breakfast in exchange for lodging; people with more time than money.

I mention this idea now because: 1) a nomad hostel could be a great stepping-stone for people from "hosteler" to "member of the culture of sharing." * Many (my 2007 self included) would be happy to let keep the 10% booking fee and pay the rest in labor. * Paying guests and working guests alike would meet friendly, out-going "culture of sharing" people during their stay and perhaps be "converted" :) 2) this is a simple example, useful for visualizing the input/output relationship of nomads (or residents) to their base (home) * Each person-day (1 person staying for one day) requires more cleaning (in this case, "one room"), breakfast, etc. These are quantifiable. * Each added person can contribute some combination of money and/or work

Notes about functionality: A Nomad Hostel requires an easy-to-use system (I am thinking software, though a well-designed notebook might be more reliable) for tracking how much work there is to do around the place, when it can be done, when it needs to be done, etc. This could be helpful when... a) The receptionist (assuming there is one) can then plan accordingly, offer work-stays or not as needed. b) If the balance seems to be shifting toward short-term people wanting to work, rather than pay, and there is very little work to be done, other work could be arranged to make money for the place - the jam-making, soap-making, window-washing projects we mentioned.
c) Other needs of the place (broken things, painting, etc.) could be handled from the labor pool as well, or from the budget.

I wonder about legality of a Nomad Hostel in most countries...