Essential items in Krotov's nomad bases

Krotov often adopts faux-legal style in setting down guidelines for his domy dlja vsex, or "homes for everyone". The following (Russian original here) emphasizes the responsibility of each inhabitant of the house to ensure an uninterrupted food supply.


In order to prevent famine and other deficiencies in the Houses of the Academy of Free Travel, it is established:

to approve the list of essential items and materials, who must be in the AVP House at all times:

  1. Sugar (in powder or cube form), at least 1 kg
  2. Tea (black or green) in powder form, at least 100 g
  3. Bread, at least two rolls
  4. Toilet paper, at least 2 rolls
  5. Soap (for bathing and for laundry), at least 2 bars
  6. Ordinary tap water, poured into buckets
  7. Buckwheat, at least 1 kg
  8. Peas, at least 1 kg
  9. Vegetable oil
  10. Sugar

Each and every person, including you who are reading these lines, as soon as he or she notices the absence or insufficiency of one or more of these strategic items -- provided that such was discovered during daytime hours (7 o'clock a.m. to 9 o'clock p.m.) --- must immediately proceed to the closest shop and procure the missing items. In the event that the lack was discovered during the night, or if the person noticing the lack is indigent (a person having less than ten dollars in cash, that person must notify all inhabitants of the house, with the exception of those asleep, and organize the purchase of these items through communal effort.

If the water tanks are empty, or even if one tank of two has been emptied, they must be filled with water from the tap. If there is no water from the tap, searching for other sources of water is optional.

Any person who has noticed a lack of these products and remained silent about it, or who has consumed the last of an item and has not purchase a new supply, is a menace to society and his conscience will torment him endlessly.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, July 28, 2010 Anton Krotov