Reviving nomadbase

I'm chatting with Gary St now. Good times. We're discussing ways to revive this website. He's hopefully going to edit this blog post to refine and add stuff.

Nomadbase documentary

Drupal 7 and cleanup

There was a Facebook messaging thread about this website and I got off my ass and did stuff. I finally actually upgraded this website to Drupal 7 (I did it last May as well, but with a copy, sometimes it's better to go about it Chuck Norris style). I also cleaned up a lot of things:

- Removed spam,
- disabled unused modules,
- deleted unused content types,
- simplified text formats (and enabled Markdown!)

I'm still working on cleaning up but I thought it was already good enough to add a blog post.


Nomadwiki is the new wiki we started to fill the gap between hitchwiki+trashwiki and wikivoyage. No expensive hotels or restaurants, but place for wild camping, cheap ass hostels, budget flights and things like that. Another new project worth mentioning is, a website about living without or with less money. Hope you like it.

Meanwhile itself hasn't moved much forward but Nomadwiki could be a good place for progress. If you know any public nomadbases, please start wiki articles about it, the Nomadbase article is a good starting point. And I'm always happy to help, you can contact me in several ways. is okay if you don't know any other way (just make sure to select another category than SPAM).

ideas/ thoughts on CommonGround Collective?

Hey all. I'm trying to start a somewhat related idea called the CommonGround Collective and I would really appreciate your thoughts/support. We're buying land all over the world, and then all members of the collective can come and go as they please, with an additional goal of creating some awesome collaborative art projects/ hosting music festivals, etc. on Common Ground land. We're going to try to launch it on IndieGoGo soon, but I would really appreciate it if anybody had feedback on the idea or website (or if you want to help us get this together).

Semi-nomad base in North of Italy need support for continue to live and become nomad base

Since 2009, in Casale Monferrato, north west of Italy, 35.000 inhabitants, exist a very active almost-nomad base. It started from an idea of some local nomads and since 3 years, hosted almost 300 between volunteers and travellers.


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