New nomad base open in Romania

For five years now I've dreamed of renting a large flat in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and turning it into a nomad base. I've finally succeeded, and the place that I've decided to call the Cluj Caravanserai is now open to all nomadic travelers who want to come and discover this wonderful part of the world. The house is a bit empty and the first guests may have to overcome a few small challenges, but you'll be warmly welcome.

A rich website like Casa Robino's will follow eventually, and I hope some progress will be made with, but in the meantime I've put up a brief webpage with some information about the place. If you'd like to come, send me an e-mail, and in the next few days I hope to acquire a telephone number for the Caravanserai as well.

Again, I've been waiting five years for this, so don't let me down, nomads!