Dumpster Diving today at the Market, 3:30

Hey everyone,

For whoever is available, the Tea House is running low on supplies and the MArket is today, and we're the experts so...

A few people showed interest and said that they would meet here, 105 Rigaer Str. The tea house, at 3:30 and go down for the market. Unfortunatly, it's a little ways away, but we can cover the metro ticket costs if anyone needs one.

I won't be around, but Stefan will be organizing the thing. The best time is 4:30 and it should take about an hour to get there.

Crelle Str. Yorck Str. S Bahn Station.

The market is along Crelle Strasse. Yorck Strasse.

We have a cart we can borrow, but we need to be careful!