Brainstorming away... Nomadbase structures

To understand what a nomadbase could be, we tried today to make an inclusive list of all sorts of places that potentially could be labelled as such. The list was directly added on the wiki [see list].

After listing all possible models of nomadic co-living, the discussion naturally went to other aspects of a nomadbase network, such as trust-metrics. Who decides who is a nomad, or what is a nomadbase? Will we work with a vouching system, or is it open for all?

Different models were discussed of how a nomadbase network could look like. Would it be a closed network of several houses where our 'approved' nomads can live? Would it be an open network open for anyone to join? Or something in between?

Questions were adddressed such as ideal characteristics of a nomadbase. Is it a place where you can be a host, or also places where you stay as a guest? Or something like a crossover like the Talinn house. You come as a guest, but you can also come as a host and apply to the 3-D system: Dinners, Donations and Deeds.

A suggestion was made to analyse the different places, to see the way they work and to go from there. A survey to the different places that we know could be a way of doing this, to see how everyone does things differently, how things are organised, etc.

From there we could maybe also make a toolbox, which we can use to spread the idea and the network. Make an ideal situation, best practices, how it could work. And to spread that around.