SHE_is_NYC : Sustainable Hospitality Exchange is Now Your Call

Valentina has been caught by intentional living syndrome after experiencing Casa Robino in Amsterdam in 2009. Before that, symptoms have appeared in consequence of participating into theatrical collectives in Italy (2000-2002) and students coops in Portugal (2003).

Those symptoms cause: - excess of euphoria during weekly dumpster diving sessions -obsessive interest for strategy of building consensus through non-hierarchical decision-making process -intense philosophical effort in elaborating nomad bases models starting with the analysis of their structure - addiction to visit other intentional houses -spasmodic love for hitchhiking (but not by myself yet) - contemplative interest for sustainability, urban gardening and community sustaining agriculture - radical hospitality (space and time permitting at Open Nest: the place where I live in Brooklyn is open to long term travelers: - frenetic search for collective cooking - insomnia - hunger

Valentina is currently living in Brooklyn and she wants to set up a gathering (SHE_is_NYC : Sustainable_Hospitality_Exchange_is_Now_Your_Call) with people interested in nomadic bases.

Way less ambitious (no time for setting up an agenda together) than the version in Berlin, this meeting wants to collect and share experiences in the field of: -intentional living and building consensus -sustainable hospitality -alternative transport (train-hopping in USA, hitchhiking) -freeculture and freeganism (how to live for free in USA)

The idea is to live together for 2 days, 5-6 of December summarizing the result of the conference SHE goes MAD that will be held in Berlin at the end of November. Goal of the gathering is to promote nomadic culture and to brainstorm around long term hospitality networks.

The gathering will be hosted by Ganas community in Staten Island, NY.

To participate:

Introduce yourself ( also please add a link to hospitality exchange network, your website or other social networks) sending an e-mail to